Diving in Komodo

Komodo is well-recognized as one of the world’s top dive destinations,
with its coastal waters having a wealth of superb
dive sites hidden within.

Marine Life Highlights in Komodo

komodo-White-tip-shark|Diving in Komodo
White Tip Reef Shark
Komodo-Dolphin|Diving in Komodo
Komodo-Black-Tip-Shark|Diving in Komodo
Black Tip Reef Shark

Diving in Komodo

Komodo Islands is home to the world renowned Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis). The islands are known for each rich biodiversity which led the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to proclaim the Komodo National Park which includes the Komodo Islands as a World Heritage Site and Man and Biosphere Reserve.

Komodo Islands are among the numerous islands of the Republic of Indonesia. It is nestled at the center of larger islands – Sumbawa and Flores.

Historical accounts point to the first inhabitants of the islands as those of the former convicts who were exiled in the place and who in turn mix with people from Bugis and Sulawesi, both part of Indonesia.

The island given its rich biodiversity is a great destination for diving enthusiasts also. With a rich marine diversity, divers will have a great time in exploring the place. It offers numerous diving sites that offer breathtaking views of the richness of the marine life in the area. With more than 35 diving sites, one there will surely be a plenty of time one will need to fully get the full grasp of the place. One will surely be amazed at the greatness it offers.

This surely will also startle diving enthusiasts: there is no best time to dive in Komodo Islands, for the whole year is the best time for it. One need not worry about the schedule for he or she can always prefer to visit Komodo Islands and experience the breathtaking marine life as he or she go for diving. The entire year promises to offer an excellent diving experience. And throughout the year too, there are a lot liveaboard as there will be no season for them to take a time off. The climate in Komodo Islands is practically dry and sunny all year round with the months of January to March bringing in some rain and the rest of the year – April to December – is practically a dry season. With this weather condition, nothing could dissuade one to hie off and get himself or herself the taste of the wonders of Komodo Islands.

Best Diving Season: Whole year is the best time to dive.
Weather: January to March (Rainy Season) & April to December (Dry Season)
Water Temperature: 20-28°C
Marine Animal Highlights: White & Black Tipped Reef Shark, Humphead Parrot Fish, Dolphins, Sea snakes and also Komodo Dragon
Recommended Thermal Protection: –
Water Visibility: –
Tipping: –
Transportation: –

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